Wolfie Hughes ist ein Pionier des Instinktiven Bogenschiessens

Wolfie Hughes ist ein herausragender Instinktiver Bogenschütze aus Wales. Er ist durch seine außerordentlich erfolgreiche Turnierlaufbahn immer wieder aufgefallen.


Vor mehr als einem Jahr hat er sich für unsere Bodnik Bows entschieden und damit viele Turniererfolge und nationale Titel errungen. Erst am letzten Wochenende konnte er in Großbritannien einen nationalen Titel mit seinem Bodnik Bows Slick Stick erringen und wurde er für die Nationalmanschaft nominiert

champ_1An dieser Stelle gratulieren wir Wolfie Hughes zu seinem tollen Erfolg!

Champ_2Heute hat er eine ganz besondere Nachricht in Facebook veröffentlicht.
Wir möchten seine Worte hier in unserem Blog veröffentlichen um es auch allen Bogenschützen, welche Facebook nicht nutzen, zugänglich zu machen. Wir bitten um Euer Verständnis, dass wir seine Botschaft nicht ins Deutsche übersetzen um den Inhalt und seine Tiefe zu verfälschen.

„Feel I need to say something..!!! Brace yourselves.. It’s a long-un

Over the years I have come across many people that feel that the world owes them something… I try not to be… and feel that I am not one of those people…
I have always looked on things as (hopefully) you get out of life what you put in.. you have to invest and work hard towards something .. it you really want it..

I have recently been offered something I REALLY didn’t expect or deserve… .. the support of someone willing to assist me in going to Italy to shoot in the World 3D Champs in September ( subject to being selected!!)… This for me is a phenomenal opportunity

I will be totally honest, in that the last year has been a massive rollercoaster ride both personally and financially.. My archery in particular and self-confidence has suffered badly and I have found it hard to come back to anywhere near the form I have unwittingly shown the world via my Youtube videos,, I’m getting there.. but the consistency is still lacking.. However I will be applying every focus to bringing myself back to and hopefully beyond the form I have previously shown to do justice to the faith and confidence being shown to me by my ’sponsor‘, the many friends that have continued to directly support me over the past year and to all those people that have made so many amazing comments on my work, my videos and my ‚lucky‘ successes in archery .

I have had great support from so-many people in such simple ways.. most of you wont even know what you have done.. but it has all helped me survive and come through things..

I will draw attention to a few people.. Jason Tucker…… has always been there to listen and help,, Dave Gilbert… puts up with ALL my eccentricity… Sal Renzulli… a beacon of inspiration to all parents a good ‚distant‘ friend.. always supportive.. and of my recent friendships a lovely couple Michael (my Blood King ‚brother‘) and Katie Collin.. who having known them but a brief time invited us to their wedding!!! Andrea Moignard.. that showed faith in a relatively inexperienced actor and offered to represent me… Pierre de #Wet.. made me some awesome fancy bows „smile“-Emoticon Henry Bodnik.. trusted me with testing, showing and generally abusing his bows with no obligation whatsoever.


Darren Copeland..-you know what you did „wink“-Emoticon . My Mother.. always there.. and gives me the best presents.. (George „smile“-Emoticon ) my children Nia and Harri of course…. I also need to mention one specific and very special person and friend for the last 2 1/2 years that almost came out of nowhere at absolutely the right time, when I was at my lowest and has become an absolute rock of support and inspiration for me is Kate Hollamby.

All I can say in conclusion is that as friends (and that’s not just those mentioned) If I can offer support, if needed, I am here.. and over the next few months I will be continuing to work hard to move forward and to ensure that all the belief and support that has been and continues to be sent my way is justified and that I don’t let any of you down ..“

Danke schön Wolfie Hughes!
Danke schön dass Du unsere Bodnik Bows schießt!

Wir sind stolz darauf, dass so ein außergewöhnlicher Bogenschütze unsere Bodnik Bows schießt. Wir freuen uns, dass Du die Kunde des Instinktiven Bogenschießens in die ganze Welt trägst!